The House of Sass is a lifestyle brand, specializing in exclusive athleisure clothing ranging from leotards for your gymnastic/dance enthusiasts to sports tops and pants for those intense work outs.   All of our Sassy Sports apparel feel like an extension of you, designed to work with your body, not on your body.  

Established in 2018, The House of Sass was built with the desire to inspire all gals to live boldly, responsibly, yet free-spirited. Sarah, creative director, launched The House of Sass with an appreciation of what it takes to feel good as an athlete. A Gymnast for more than 10 years and a current USAG Coach, Sarah knows that standing out and feeling sassy are essential to a bold performance.

Sassy Sport represents far more than a single line, but a lifestyle and it is Sarah's belief that staying healthy, lighthearted, energetic, and unstoppable are qualities that all Sassy Babes should feel.   Be comfortable and confident in your own skin, and sport. Let Sassy Sport make you feel like the best YOU ever, keeping in mind that you wear what you are!!!



Are you a sassy babe?